Welcome to the opportunities center where we showcase the various volunteer and professional development opportunities available. The video highlights how you can make a difference when you volunteer with AAPP. If you are interested in taking your involvement to the next level, learn more about service on the AAPP Board of Directors.

Why Volunteer

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Volunteer Profiles

Angie Babin, BSPharm, MBA

As a volunteer, I gain a sense of community and assurances that I am moving in the right direction with a shared vision of like-minded colleagues.

Kevin Bozymski, PharmD, BCPS, BCPP

Thanks to volunteers and donors at the 2015 AAPP Annual Meeting in Tampa, I attended programming as a student member and solidified my passion for psychiatric pharmacy. I am always looking for ways to give back to the next generation of psychiatric pharmacists as was done for me.

Shadi Doroudgar, PharmD, APh, BCPS, BCGP, BCPP

Assess your skills, your strengths, and the areas where you feel you can make strong contributions. Then seek opportunities that match your passion. AAPP provides a plethora of opportunities for volunteering. Commit to one or more of these opportunities. In doing so, you will meet others with similar interests and you will give back to a wonderful community by bringing your own unique, valuable perspective

Michael Shuman, PharmD, BCPP

My employer has benefited from the knowledge I have gained as a volunteer. This knowledge has been used to change some of our local prescribing policies and practices. Additionally, my connections have provided access to people within the AAPP community who have expertise in subjects outside my area of experience.


Get Started

You have plenty to offer AAPP and the professional community, just take a couple small steps and dive in!

  1. Disclosure of Interests: It is important for all volunteers to be transparent regarding any conflicts.
  2. Volunteer Opportunities: Look for ways to start getting involved with AAPP.
  3. Collaborative Research Opportunities: Research is an investment in the profession and in your career. Post opportunities for others to review, and look for projects that might interest you!
  4. Scholarly Opportunities: By transforming literature, case studies and research into manuscripts, you can help shape the future of your profession. Post scholarly opportunities for others to review, and look for projects that might interest you!


AAPP volunteerism is not only rewarding but is good for your employer as well. As you consider AAPP volunteer opportunities, please share this infographic with your management to not only let them know how much you appreciate it but also how it advances the company, expands your horizons as a valued employee, and results in innovation thanks to increased networking and joint problem solving.