Prepared Jointly with the College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists

The PGY2 pharmacy residency in psychiatry is designed to transition PGY1 residency graduates from generalist practice to specialized practice focused on the care of patients with psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders. Residency graduates are equipped to participate as integral members of inpatient and outpatient interdisciplinary teams caring for individuals with psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders, assuming responsibility for patient-centered medication therapy. In that role they are skilled at running psychoeducation sessions involving individuals with psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders whose focus is on the achievement of adherence and persistence.

Psychiatric pharmacy residency graduates will serve health care organizations successfully as the ultimate resource for information about medications used for the care of individuals with psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders and for decision-making affecting the care of these patients. This includes leadership in decision-making related to the use or modification of guidelines for the care of individual patients and for organizational planning and implementation of technology and automation systems.

Exiting residents have been trained to assume responsibility for identifying and implementing opportunities to improve the medication-use system in psychiatric practice areas. Groomed for practice leadership, psychiatric pharmacy residency graduates can be expected to continue their pursuit of expertise in practice; to possess advanced skills to identify the pharmacotherapy and medication-use training needs of other health care professionals caring for individuals with psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders; to deliver effective training to those health care professionals; and to contribute to public health efforts for mental health improvement, wellness, and disease prevention.

Graduates of the PGY2 psychiatric pharmacy residency are well-equipped to initiate and establish a successful clinical pharmacy service in diverse healthcare settings (e.g., clinic, hospital, day treatment program) and provide exemplary patient-centered medication therapy for individuals with psychiatric and neurologic disorders.

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