Managing Opportunity Posts

We encourage you to post opportunities for other CPNP members in this section of the web site. Each opportunity will be listed for a maximum of 120 days (about 3 months). In addition to editing your posts below, you can also create several types of opportunities on your own:

  1. Email CPNP staff about a volunteer opportunity
  2. Add a collaborative research project opportunity
  3. Add a scholarly opportunity such as a manuscript collaboration, feedback on a paper, or other non-research scholarly activity

Please do not use this as a forum to promote other types of opportunities like CE or commercial offerings. Job postings, abstract submissions (for the annual meeting) and some other opportunities for professional development are located elsewhere on the site. If you would like to share some other type of opportunity with the CPNP membership, please email it to the CPNP office for consideration. Thank you for your cooperation and for your participation!

Opportunities I Posted

You have not yet posted any opportunities to the web site.