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Research activities may encompass someone's entire role, represent only a small percentage, or be completed on discretionary efforts. Entry into research has many paths. While it may be formal for some (e.g., fellowship, PhD training) it may develop spontaneously from patient specific questions that arise in clinical practice. In academic settings, research may also be pedagogic in nature. While research as a career (or an element of a career) may not be suitable for all pharmacists, it is likely that many pharmacists have identified a problem, implemented a possible solution, and reassessed it for improvement.

This toolkit helps pharmacists incorporate research into their practices and provide guidance on taking their research to the next level. It addresses:

  • Integrating Research into Your Career
  • Designing Clinical Research: A Starting Point
  • Determining Study Outcomes
  • Evaluating Your Research Expertise
  • Preparing for a Multi-Site Study
  • Coordinating Site Checklist
  • Secondary Site Checklist
  • Finding a Statistician
  • IRB Memorandum of Understanding/Reliance Agreement Template