Psychiatric pharmacists are advanced practice clinical pharmacists who specialize in mental health care. With an extensive knowledge of medication management, they are skilled at treating the whole patient. They strengthen the mental health team by working directly with patients and improving treatment outcomes.

Yet, psychiatric pharmacist capabilities are not well recognized and are underutilized. The number of available employment positions is limited by several factors despite evidence that psychiatric pharmacists improve treatment outcomes. The Employer Resource Center Task Force of the American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists was charged with generating a resource that provides guidance for individuals and organizations to use when creating employment opportunities for psychiatric pharmacists.

The available documents were curated to help support pharmacists, employers, and institutional leadership in developing new employment opportunities for psychiatric pharmacists across a variety of practice settings.

Explore the ABC's of Practice Expansion with the AAPP Practice Expansion Toolkits below.

Advocate for Change

Build a Business Plan

Cultivate Effective Practices

  • Outpatient Psychiatric Pharmacist Best Practice Model
    This toolkit provides a self-evaluation to identify areas for improvement within an existing outpatient practice. Each of the 28 attributes of the model include a list of references to implementation resources.
  • Benefits of Volunteering
    When health care professionals are encouraged to volunteer, the health system sees improved visibility, improved leadership training, improved job satisfaction, and many other benefits.
  • What to Track: Core Outcome Set for Psychiatric Pharmacists (COS-PP)
    Utilization of a unified core outcome set will ultimately benefit the patients by providing robust evidence of the value of having psychiatric pharmacists on the team to improve access to care, quality of care, and patient satisfaction.
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