Every person’s journey to preparing for and achieving the Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP) credential is unique. However, hundreds of BCPPs have shared tips and techniques that assisted in their success. Customize the tips below to your background and situation. Good Luck!

Seek Opportunities in Mental Health
  • Shadow or work with mental health clinicians (e.g., pharmacists, nurses, psychiatrists)
  • Find a mentor
  • Become actively involved as a volunteer in AAPP or other state/national organizations
  • Attend the AAPP Annual Meeting and/or other psychiatric conferences
Build your Clinical Knowledge Base
Apply Knowledge in a Mental Health Setting
  • Consider residency training, employment, and/or volunteering
  • Work-up patients and discuss with your mentor or colleagues
  • Actively participate in interdisciplinary patient rounds
  • Treat patients in ambulatory care settings
  • Answer drug information questions
  • Lead patient medication education groups
  • Complete patient consults
Advance the Application of your Mental Health Knowledge
  • Teach other learners such as students and residents
  • Complete scholarly activities such as authoring or peer reviewing publications, attending in-service presentations, or participating in a quality improvement initiative
  • Learn by attending journal club presentations and reviewing landmark studies such as CATIE, STAR*D, STEP-BD
  • Complete a medication use evaluation (MUE)
  • Write or revise a drug monograph and present to the P&T Committee
Prepare Extensively for the Exam