A Rewarding Career Path (Infographic)

Meaningful Work

Learn why others chose psychiatric pharmacy as their specialty.

PGY2 Psychiatric Residency

Learn about the growth of residency opportunities and what that means for your career.

Job Prospects

Learn more about your job prospects. Spoiler: The US needs more psychiatric pharmacists!

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The Path to Making an Impact

The demand for psychiatric services to treat psychiatric and neurological disorders has dramatically increased. Psychiatric pharmacists can help meet this demand by working with a physician as part of a collaborative team to improve medication-related outcomes for patients with psychiatric or neurological disorders.

Studies show that including a psychiatric pharmacist as a member of an interdisciplinary team is cost-effective and has a positive impact on clinical outcomes (e.g., effectiveness, adherence) by optimizing pharmacotherapy while decreasing the incidence of adverse effects associated with medication. This impact, in turn, increases patients’ engagement in treatment and improves their adherence to medication regimens. Read more about the value of psychiatric pharmacists as part of the healthcare team.

What Does it Mean to be a Psychiatric Pharmacist? (Video)

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