The AAPP New Practitioner Hub is for AAPP members within their first five years of practice. The goal of this Hub is to help new practitioners transition into psychiatric pharmacy practice.

What I Wish I Knew Series

This series is a service of AAPP’s Resident and New Practitioner Committee. Articles are intended to provide advice from experts for students, residents, and new practitioners. Articles are not intended to provide in-depth disease state or pharmacotherapy information nor replace any peer-reviewed educational materials. We hope you benefit from this “field guide” discussing approaches to unique problems and situations. Explore what experienced practitioners wish they knew about:

AAPP New Practitioner Membership

Membership in the American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists (AAPP) is one of the best ways you can learn more about the exciting, growing field of psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy. Joining is easy and allows you to experience all of the benefits AAPP has to offer including:

  • Job and Residency Opportunities
  • Research/poster presentation and award opportunities
  • Current industry and psych/neuro specialty news through the AAPP e-news distributed exclusively to AAPP members
  • Networking through the AAPP membership directory, protected to AAPP members
  • Participation in the very active AAPP email list (exclusive to members) where you post questions to experts in the field, learn about cases and gain clinical pearls not commonly encountered in the literature
  • Membership discounts on dues and educational programming

Becoming a Psychiatric Pharmacist

Psychiatric pharmacists require comprehensive knowledge not only in psychiatry and neurology but also proficiency in clinical problem solving, interprofessionalism, and communication with empathy for the patient population they serve. Learn how to become a psychiatric pharmacist.

Practice Development