Student opportunities are available only for in-person attendees in San Antonio, Texas.

Student Education Track (Sunday, 4/24): 1:15-4:00 PM

Join other students for a Student Educational Track to learn about preparing for residency and about specialties in psychiatric pharmacy. This track is only available for in-person attendees and will not be live-streamed for virtual attendees.

Pharmacy Practice Specialty Showcase: 1:30-2:00 PM

Students will hear from 3 pharmacists working in the specialties of inpatient pharmacy, substance use disorders (SUD), and unique settings.

Christine M. Rarrick, PharmD, BCPP, BCPS, MBA - Inpatient
Raeschell D. Williams, PharmD, MPH, BCPS, BCPP - SUD
Heather Walser, PharmD, BCPP - Unique Settings

Specialty Roundtable Discussions: 2:05-2:50 PM

Roundtable Facilitators
Amy M. Hebbard, PharmD, BCPP - Inpatient
Autumn Walkerly, PharmD, BCPP, BCPS - Inpatient
Jenna Kendrick, PharmD, BCPP - Inpatient
Raechel Adamczyk, PharmD, BCPP - Inpatient
Chelsea N. Carr, PharmD, BCPP - Inpatient/Unique Settings
Christine M. Rarrick, PharmD, BCPP, BCPS, MBA - Inpatient
David Dadiomov, PharmD, BCPP - SUD
Traci Cole, PharmD, BCPP - SUD
Ben Miskle, PharmD - SUD
Raeschell D. Williams, PharmD, MPH, BCPS, BCPP - SUD
Andreea Temelie, PharmD, BCPP - Unique Settings
Jordan Cooler, PharmD, BCPP - Unique Settings
Melanie C. Yabs, PharmD, MS, BCPP - Unique Settings
Shaina E. Schwartz, PharmD, BCPP - Unique Settings
Suzanne C. Harris, PharmD, BCPP - Unique Settings
Heather Walser, PharmD, BCPP - Unique Settings

NAMI In Our Own Voice Presentation: 3:00-3:45 PM

Students will gain insights into what it is like to live with mental illness through triumphs, and how to deal with symptoms and treatments.

Student Chapter Meeting (Sunday, 4/24): 4:00-5:30 PM

All members of CPNP student chapters, chapter advisors, and anyone hoping to start a CPNP student chapter, are invited to attend the Student Chapter Meeting on Sunday, 4/24. In this meeting, attendees will have an opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, and network with other student chapter members and advisors.

Research Trainee Poster Session (Monday, 4/25): 5:30-7:00 PM

The abstract submission center is now closed. Students with accepted abstracts will present their posters on Monday, April 25 from 5:30-7:00 PM. Browse posters.

Student Registration Grants

Thanks to the generous support of the CPNP Foundation, CPNP Past Presidents’ Destiny Fund, and CPNP members, 26 students have received registration grants for in-person attendance to CPNP 2022 in San Antonio, Texas! Awards are valued at $225, and recipients were selected based on the merits of their applications. Congratulations to the following grant recipients:

  • Peyton Beck, University of Texas - El Paso
  • Ilina Bozhkova, University of the Incarnate Word
  • Alexandria Brinkmann, Samford University
  • Katie Bye, North Dakota State University
  • Aliyah Cruz, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Sarah Gamcsik, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Nahomi Guzman, Nova Southeastern University
  • Madilyn Harris, Purdue University
  • Karen Hawkins, University of South Carolina
  • Kalynn Hosea, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Sydney Judge, Purdue University
  • Shana Katz, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Jamie Kohler, North Dakota State University
  • Clare Koss, University of South Carolina
  • Caroline Leeflang, University of Florida
  • Mimi Nguyen, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • Meaghan Nieman, University of the Sciences
  • Trexy Palen, University of Maryland
  • Kelsey Reivers, Wingate University
  • Melissa Rogers, Presbyterian College
  • Abigail Sundberg, Nova Southeastern University
  • Allison Tiemann, University of Texas at Tyler
  • Sorina Torrez, University of Texas
  • Brittany Weger, High Point University
  • Kendall Wick, Wingate University
  • Brenden Yoon, Purdue University

CPNP Connect: A Mentoring Opportunity

Students have an opportunity to be paired with a pharmacist member for a one-on-one mentoring opportunity during CPNP 2022. Pairing of the mentor to the mentee will be based on the specialty interests of the member and student as identified during the online registration process. Once paired, mentors and mentees will set up a time to meet during CPNP 2022 to answer questions and discuss future plans.

Students should indicate their intent to participate in CPNP Connect when they register for CPNP 2022.