The Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) Guide is intended to support the expanded use of CMM by pharmacists. This page aggregates from a variety of resources, and it is your responsibility to evaluate the quality and applicability to your situation. If you have suggestions regarding how this content could be improved, please email Carla Cobb. Last updated 6/2020.

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The Patient Care Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) provides the definitive guide with Integrating Comprehensive Medication Management to Optimize Patient Outcomes. If you are more familiar with Medication Therapy Management (MTM), then consider this review of the differences between MTM and CMM.

Webinars Introducing CMM

Helpful Tools for Implementing CMM

CPNP is pleased to provide you with this comprehensive medication management toolkit to assist you in implementing this comprehensive practice model.

  1. Review the Essential Elements of a Patient Care Practice
  2. Make your case for implementing CMM by reviewing and citing this evidence supporting the benefits of pharmacist provision of Comprehensive Medication Management.
  3. Why reinvent the wheel? Here are some useful resources you can use in your CMM practice.
  4. Other Resources
    • ACCP Medication Optimization Infographic: Based on the findings of the "CMM in Primary Care Study", ACCP encourages implementation of CMM in all patient care settings, consistent with the JCPP Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process.