Below is a complete list of the posters that will be presented at CPNP 2022. There will be two different poster sessions, and award finalists will present their posters on the same day as their platform presentation.

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‘Can we Order a Lipid Profile?’ A Pharmacist-Led Metabolic Monitoring Protocol for Patients Prescribed Antipsychotics in an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital
A Comparison of the Efficacy of Long-Acting Injectable vs. Oral Naltrexone During Acute-Phase and Maintenance Alcohol Cessation
A Pilot Study Assessing Client Understanding and Use of Fentanyl Test Strips for Harm Reduction
A Qualitative Report of Fentanyl Exposure Among People Who Use Drugs in Austin, Texas
A Structured Benefit-Risk Assessment to Evaluate a Combination of Olanzapine and Samidorphan for the Treatment of Schizophrenia and Bipolar I Disorder
Access to Inclusive & Culturally Sensitive Mental Healthcare in Pharmacy Students & Residents
Acetylcholine as a Regulator of Dopamine Pathways: Rationale for Selective Muscarinic Agonists as Candidates for Antipsychotic Drug Development
Adjunctive Lumateperone (ITI-007) in the Treatment of Bipolar Depression: Results from a Randomized Clinical Trial
Agitation Medication Treatment Practices in Obese Patients Admitted to Emergency Department
ALTO-ED: Opioid Use Reduction Program in Two Public Health System Emergency Departments
An Assessment of Injection Site Reactions and Injection Site Pain of Once-Every 6-Month and 3-month Long-Acting Injectable Formulations of Paliperidone Palmitate
Analysis and Follow-up of a Long-Acting Injectable Standard Operating Procedure Implementation at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Analysis of Psychiatric Care and Prescribing Patterns for Patients with PTSD Treatment in a Federally Qualified Health Center
Anticholinergic Burden Among Patients Admitted to the Hospital with a Psychiatric Diagnosis
Anticholinergic use and antipsychotic initiation in dementia: an evaluation of prescribing at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Antidepressant Prescribing Patterns in Transgender Individuals Diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria and Mood or Anxiety Disorders
Antipsychotic Efficacy of KarXT (Xanomeline-Trospium): Analysis of Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale Categorial Response Rates, Time Course of Response, and Symptom Domains of Response in a Phase 2 Study
Antipsychotic Quetiapine Induces Resistance To Multiple Antibiotics In Escherichia Coli Via Loss-of-Function Mutations In MarR
Assessing the Impact of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Training on Health Profession Students’ Attitudes Towards Mental Health and Mental Health Literacy
Assessing the Mental Health of the Hispanic/Latinx Population in the Bay Area during COVID-19 Pandemic
Assessing the Mental Health, Physical Health, and Well-being of Doctor of Pharmacy Students
Assessing the Need for Gender Diverse Care Education Amongst Practicing Community Pharmacists: Phase II
Assessing the Use of Valproic Acid, Carbamazepine, Paroxetine, and Topiramate in Women of Childbearing Age
Assessment of College Students’ Attitudes and Knowledge on Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Education and Evaluating the Effectiveness of a New Naloxone Distribution Program at the University of Southern California
Assessment Of Naloxone Use In Individuals With Opioid Use Disorder
Assessment of Oral Overlap with Antipsychotic Long-Acting Injectables Initiated in an Inpatient Setting
Assessment of the Continuation vs Discontinuation of Newly Initiated Antipsychotics for Delirium Treatment in Hospitalized Patients
Association between SSRI and SNRI use and worsening of Parkinson’s Disease in a veteran population
Association Between Substance Use Disorders (SUD) Severity and COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Beliefs
Barriers to Treatment with Psychiatric Medications among People Who Are Incarcerated
Buprenorphine/Naloxone Film And Naloxone Nasal Spray Pharmacy Deserts In Harris County, Texas And Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Calcitonin-Gene Related Peptide Monoclonal Antibodies as a Substitute For Botulinum Toxin in Chronic Migraine During the COVID-19 Pandemic at a Veterans Affairs Healthcare System
Cataloguing the Impact of Psychiatric Pharmacists through Literature
Characteristics of Inpatients Prescribed Dopamine Receptor Blocking Agents
Characterizing the Relationship Between Exposure to Long Acting Benzodiazepines and Barbiturates, Alcohol, and Death
Clozapine-Induced Hyperhidrosis: A Case Report and Review of Treatment Strategies
Co-Administration of Intramuscular Olanzapine or Haloperidol With Parenteral Benzodiazepines in the Emergency Department
Comparison of Alpha Agonist versus Antagonist for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Nightmares in Pediatric Patients
Comparison of Aripiprazole Dosing in Mood Disorders When Co-prescribed with Interacting Medications
Comparison of Early Antipsychotic Metabolic Monitoring and the Development of Abnormal Hemoglobin A1c
Comparison of Inpatient Psychiatric Medication Management in Gender Diverse Youth with Cisgender Peers
Comparison Of Patient Outcomes With Long-Acting Injectable Paliperidone Versus Oral Risperidone Antipsychotic Treatment In Early Psychosis
Comparison of Pharmacy Operations Across State Psychiatric Hospitals in the U.S.
Competence, Concerns, and Readiness Regarding Opioid Overdose Management: A National Cross-Sectional Survey of the U.S. General Public
COVID-5150: Psychiatric Pharmacists Involvement in the COVID-19 Response at a County Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital
Describe and Evaluate the Role of a Clinical Psychiatric Pharmacist in a Gender Health Program.
Determining the Impact of High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels and their Influence on Movement Disorders in Patients Taking Antipsychotics
Developing a Patient Experience Instrument for Patient Medication Education Groups
Development of a Resource Referral Tool for a Community Pharmacy Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training Program
Development of an Ambulatory Alcohol Detoxification Clinic
Development of Attribute Statements for a Best Practice Model for Outpatient Psychiatric Pharmacy Practice
Did The More Stringent Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Requirement Change The Way Benzodiazepines Are Prescribed At A Large Veteran Affairs Health Care System?
Does the addition of a Maintenance Mood Stabilizer to an Established Antipsychotic Treatment Reduce the Frequency of Agitated Episodes Requiring ‘As-needed’ Medications in Patients with Schizoaffective Disorder?
Dose Patterns for Long-Term Deutetrabenazine Treatment in Patients With Tardive Dyskinesia by Baseline Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale Item 8 Score
Dosing Patterns and Outcomes in Older Adult Patients Initiated on Long-acting Injectable Antipsychotics
Effect of a Buprenorphine-based Opioid Withdrawal Protocol on Rates of AMA Discharge
Effect of a Mindfulness Intervention on Burnout of Pharmacists in a Safety Net Health Care System
Effect of Pharmacist-Led Tobacco Cessation Efforts in Patients with Severe Mental Illness Prescribed Varenicline
Effect of Pharmacogenomic Testing on Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Major Depressive Disorder
Effects of Cannabidiol Products on In Vitro Metabolism of Clozapine
Efficacy and Safety of a Long-Acting Subcutaneous Antipsychotic (LASCA) Agent (TV-46000) in Patients With Schizophrenia: A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Relapse Prevention Study (RISE Study)
Efficacy and Safety of AXS-05, an Oral NMDA Receptor Antagonist with Multimodal Activity, in Major Depressive Disorder: Results from the ASCEND Trial
Efficacy and Safety of AXS-05, an Oral NMDA Receptor Antagonist with Multimodal Activity, in Major Depressive Disorder: Results from the GEMINI Trial
Efficacy and Safety of Intramuscular Olanzapine versus Intramuscular Haloperidol for Acute Agitation and Aggression at a Pediatric Hospital
Efficacy of Combination Therapy Using Naltrexone with and without Acamprosate in the Management of Alcohol Use Disorder in Veterans
Efficacy of Liraglutide in Comparison to Metformin for the Management of Antipsychotic-Induced Weight Gain
Efficacy of Lorazepam in The Treatment of Catatonia: A Case Report
Elevated Clozapine Levels After Janssen SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination: A Case Report
Enhancing Psychiatric Care in the COVID Era through Pharmacy-Based Long-Acting Injectable Delivery Training
Establishing the Feasibility of Enhanced Myocarditis Monitoring During Clozapine Initiation
Evaluating Clozapine Toxicity Following Covid-19 Vaccination
Evaluating the Association of Montelukast Use on Neuropsychiatric Outcomes in Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Buprenorphine E-consults and the Impact on Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Services
Evaluating the Impact of a Medication Access Program in Underserved Mental Health Patients
Evaluating the Impact of Involuntary Medication Orders on a Patient's Length of Stay at a State Forensic Psychiatric Hospital
Evaluating the Utility of a Required Didactic Mental Health First Aid Training Course Among First-year Pharmacy Students
Evaluation of a VA Medical Center’s Care Coordination Processes With Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics
Evaluation of Agitation Events Treated with an ‘As-needed’ Medication in Patients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder Receiving Typical Versus Atypical Antipsychotics
Evaluation of Anticholinergic Medication Burden in Patients with Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder
Evaluation of Buprenorphine/Naloxone Micro-Induction Protocol and Treatment Retention in Veterans Positive for Fentanyl
Evaluation of Changes to a Telephone Tobacco Treatment Clinic on Patient Access and Encounter Documentation
Evaluation of Clinicians’ Willingness to Prescribe Buprenorphine-based Products to Veterans with Opioid Use Disorder
Evaluation of Methadone Usage at a Tertiary Care Facility
Evaluation of Pharmacist Prediabetes Education in Patients Prescribed Antipsychotics
Evaluation of Prescribing Rates of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Retrospective Review of United States Community Pharmacy Data
Evaluation of the Efficacy of Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotics Initiated Earlier in Treatment
Evaluation of the Impact of a Mental Health Pharmacist in a Veterans Treatment Court Team
Evaluation of the impact of COVID-19 on a pharmacist-led tobacco cessation clinic at Providence Veterans Affairs Healthcare System
Evaluation of treatment outcomes among veterans with Type II Diabetes Mellitus and Severe Mental Illness taking oral vs. long-acting injectable antipsychotics
Evaluation of Virtual Academic Detailing on Naloxone Prescribing at the U.S. Veterans Health Administration
Expansion of Pharmacist-Conducted Suicide Risk Screenings in a Veterans Affairs Primary Care Clinic
Factors Associated with COVID-19 Vaccination for Patients in an Inpatient Forensic Psychiatric Hospital
Follow-up Evaluation of Opioid Safety Initiative Patients: Focus on Early Adopter Outcomes and Suicide
Frequency of Stimulant Induced Mood Instability in Bipolar Disorder
Getting de Pointes Across: Methadone and Torsades: A Case Report
Glutamatergic Dependence of the Ketamine-like Rapid-acting Antidepressant RO-25-6981 and Its Analogs
Healthcare Student Perceptions of Substance Use Disorder Pre/post Elective Courses
Home Antidepressant Prescribing During Hospitalization
Impact of 7-Day Medication Supply Limits on Medication Possession in Veterans Following Assignment of a High Risk Flag for Suicide
Impact of a Pharmacist-lead Psychopharmacology Consult Service for Veterans with Treatment-resistant Depression
Impact of a Pharmacist-Led Transgender Male Health Education Group on Hormone Therapy and Mental Health Disparities Among Veterans
Impact of concomitant buspirone for behavioral disturbances treated with antipsychotics in a Veterans Affairs Healthcare System (VAHCS) Community Living Center (CLC) setting
Impact of Early Re-initiation of Psychotropic Medications on ICU delirium in Patients with Underlying Psychiatric Disorders
Impact of Long-acting Injectable Antipsychotics on Clinical Relapse and Hospitalization: A Mirror Image Study
Impact of Participation in an Adolescent Medication Education Group on Intern Psychotropic Medication Knowledge
Impact of Pharmacist Interventions on Psychotropic Medications Prescribed in the Geriatric Population at a Veterans Affairs Hospital
Impact of Pharmacist led training on nurses' knowledge and confidence in administration of second generation long-acting injectable antipsychotics (SG-LAIAs)
Impact of Pharmacist-led Benzodiazepine Taper via e-consult service
Impact of Pharmacist-Led Medication Education In Reducing Use of Benzodiazepines In Veterans of High-Risk Groups
Impact of Social Determinant of Health on Medication Management in a Mental Health Clinic During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Implementation of a Multi-Disciplinary Overdose Review Team
Implementation of a Pharmacist-Driven Mental Health COVID-19 Continuation of Care Clinic (MH-CCC) to Improve Psychiatric Symptoms in Post-Infection Patients
Implementation of a Pharmacy Student Medication Reconciliation Program for a Psychiatric Medicine Service
Implementation of a Quality Improvement Process for Long-Acting Injectables (LAIs) at Community Based Outpatient Clinics
Implementation of an Educational Pharmacy Service in an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic and its Effects on Medication Related Education Satisfaction and Overall Psychotropic Medication Adherence
Implementing a Harm Reduction Kit Pilot Program for Unstably Housed Veterans
Improving Access and Identifying Barriers to Pharmacologic Treatment for Bipolar Disorder
Improving Documentation and Patient Education on Psychotropic Drug-Drug Interactions in an Adult Psychiatry Clinic at an Academic Medical Center
Improving Student Access to Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)
Incidence of Adverse Events Associated With Deutetrabenazine for the Treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia and Chorea Associated With Huntington’s Disease
Increasing Access to Buprenorphine/Naloxone in the Inpatient Setting
Increasing Access to Psychiatric Care During a Global Pandemic through Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner Services
Increasing the Utilization of Medication for Alcohol Use Disorder within a Veteran Population
Increasing Utilization of Pharmacogenetic Testing by Mental Health Clinicians
Influence Of Cannabis On Effectiveness Of Esketamine And Ketamine For Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD)
Inpatient Utilization of 21-Day Dosed Invega Sustenna® ; A Retrospective Cohort Study
Integration of Population Management Tools into Clinical Practice to Promote Long-Acting Injectable Psychotropic Medication Safety
Life Saving Collaboration: The Pharmacist Practitioner Solution in Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Long-Term Efficacy and Safety of Deutetrabenazine in Patients With Tardive Dyskinesia by Concomitant Dopamine-Receptor Antagonist Use
Medication Regimen Complexity and Deprescribing in ADRD: A Review of Clinical Psychiatry Guidelines
Medication Use Evaluation of Buprenorphine Long-acting Injectable in a Veterans Affairs Hospital
Mental Health Matters: Benefits of Student-led Interventions
Mental Health of Students on Experiential Rotations During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Metabolic Monitoring and Outcomes for Patients Taking Second Generation Antipsychotics: Impact of a Quality improvement initiative over 15 Months
Multiple Sclerosis and Use of Medical Cannabis: A Retrospective Review of a Neurology Outpatient Population
Network Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies Involving Oral and Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Agents: Administration Frequency and Incidence Rate or Odds of Hospitalization in Schizophrenia
Obtaining Prospective Patient Consent to Conduct Retrospective Data Analysis in Psychiatry
Once-Monthly Paliperidone Palmitate Adherence during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Opioid Prescription Dispensing Patterns Among Patients With Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder
Opioid Requirements 48 Hours Post-operatively in Patients on Chronic Buprenorphine with Buprenorphine Continued vs Held
Optimizing the Role of the Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner in Collaborative Buprenorphine Management to Improve Rural Access
Outcomes of Antipsychotic Monotherapy vs. Polypharmacy in Patients with Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder
Outcomes of Paliperidone Palmitate Initiation at a County Psychiatric Hospital
Outpatient Naloxone Prescribing for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder: Improving the Quality of Providing a Life-Saving Medication
Paliperidone-Induced Sialorrhea: A Case Report with Review of Current Literature
Patient and Healthcare Professional Preferences and Treatment Experiences With TV-46000, a Long-Acting Subcutaneous Antipsychotic (LASCA) Risperidone Formulation
Patient Specific Factors Associated with Low Dose Induction of Buprenorphine
Persistence of Vesicular Monoamine Transport 2 Inhibitor Therapy for Tourette Syndrome and Chronic Tic Disorders
Pharmacist Impact on Appropriate Stimulant Prescribing in Veteran Outpatients
Pharmacist Involvement in Medication Reconciliation at a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital
Pharmacist-led Identification of Behavioral Health Transitions of Care Errors and Prevention Initiatives Within a Large Health System
Pharmacokinetic Drug Interactions with Oral Haloperidol: Dose Correction Factors from a Combined Weighted Analysis
Pharmacy Directed Linkage to Mental Health Resources After Anxiety Screening
Pharmacy Driven Medication Reconciliation for Pediatric Patients with Mental Health Conditions in the Emergency Department: A Pilot Study
Pharmacy-Driven Intervention for the Appropriate Use of Droperidol in Acute Agitation Management
Phenobarbital Requirements for Patients Using Synthetic Benzodiazepines
Practical Approaches to Antidepressant-Associated QTc Prolongation: A Review of Cases.
Prescribing Trends of Psychiatric Medications Within an Adult Burn Center
Prevalence of Actionable Pharmacogenomic Phenotypes in Veterans with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) Receiving Antidepressants
Prevalence of Impostor Phenomenon Among Graduate Students in Pharmacy and Counseling Psychology
Prevalence of Psychotropic Drug Use in Children Aged 6-17: NHANES 2013-2018
Process and Outcomes for Ambulatory Child/Adolescent Clinical Psychiatric Pharmacy Service Expansion within an Academic Medical Center
Prospective Analysis of the Effect of Pharmacist-Led Medication Groups on Patient Outcomes
Protocol Development for Initiation of Buprenorphine Products in the Emergency Department for Opioid Use Disorder
Psychedelic-assisted Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Anxiety and Trauma-related Disorders
Psychiatric Pharmacist Impact on Antipsychotic Polypharmacy Usage and Rehospitalization Rates in a Safety-Net Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital
Raising Awareness About Substance Use Disorder and Expanding Understanding of Opioid Overdose Through Naloxone Administration and Harm Reduction Training In Undergraduate Student
Real-world Evaluation of Treatment Patterns Following Initiation of Medication for Alcohol Use Disorder (MAUD) among Veterans
Recognizing the Role of Socioeconomic Geography in the Distribution of Waivered Providers
Retrospective Evaluation of Ketamine for the Management of Acute Agitation in the Emergency Department
Risk Factors Associated with Treatment Failure with SSRI Monotherapy in College Students with MDD
Rural Access to Mental Health Clinical Pharmacy Services
Safety and Tolerability of Flexible-Dose Brexpiprazole as Maintenance Treatment in Adolescents With Schizophrenia: A Long-term, Multicenter, Open-label Study
Safety of Sedating Antidepressants Compared to Benzodiazepine Receptor Agonists for the Treatment of Insomnia in Patients Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder: A Retrospective Review
Serdexmethylphenidate/d-Methylphenidate (SDX/d-MPH) Capsules For Children With ADHD: Effects On SKAMP-C Evaluated Over 13 Hours In A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Laboratory Classroom Study
Somnambulism Associated with Lithium Monotherapy
Stimulant Prescribing Trends Following Implementation of Controlled Substance Ordering Restrictions at a Veterans Affairs Health Care System
Successful Clozapine Rechallenge after Suspected Clozapine-Induced Myocarditis: A Case Report
Successful Electroconvulsive Therapy After Failed Pharmacotherapies in an Older Female on Hemodialysis with Bipolar Mania
Testing of the Submission Platform
The Impact of a Clinical Reminder Order Check and Provider Education on Anticholinergic Prescribing in Older Adults
The Intersection of Race, Mental Illness, and COVID-19: Reducing Barriers to COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake through a Pharmacy Driven Culturally Sensitive Patient Medication Education Group (PMEG)
The Safety and Tolerability of Lumateperone 42 mg for the Treatment of Bipolar Depression: A Pooled Analysis of 2 Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trials
The Use of The Pharmacists’ Inventory for Learning Styles (PILS) to Improve Student Learning Outcomes on a Psychiatric Pharmacy Rotation Experience
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Psychiatric Medications at a Bariatric Surgery Medication Management Service
Trends in Antipsychotic Prescribing for Approved and Unapproved Indications to Medicaid-enrolled Youth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania between 2014 and 2018
Trends of Discharge Disposition in Re-Hospitalized Patients Prescribed Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotics
Understanding Pharmacy-Related Barriers to Care in Medication-Assisted Treatment Therapy: Perspectives from Peer Recovery Coaches
Utilization Of Droperidol Versus Haloperidol For Acute Agitation In Psychiatric Patients Within The Emergency Department
Variability Between Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC®) Guidelines and a Commercial Pharmacogenetics Laboratory in Genotype-to-Phenotype Interpretations
Weight and Metabolic Outcomes in Patients with Schizophrenia Receiving up to 25- or 52-Week Treatment With Aripiprazole Lauroxil
Zuranolone in Major Depressive Disorder: Results From the Phase 3, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled WATERFALL Study