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AAPP is excited to announce that the Psychiatric Pharmacy Residency Showcase will return November 17-18, 2022! This is an opportunity for aspiring psychiatric pharmacists to meet with residency program directors (RPDs) to learn more about the residency experience and about specific program details. Thanks to the generous support of the AAPP Foundation, the 2022 showcase is provided at no cost to RPDs or attendees!

Student pharmacists and PGY1 residents are encouraged to begin by exploring the residency directory, which includes all the details deemed most important when evaluating a potential residency match. This year, many RPDs have also uploaded videos to introduce their programs in a more engaging way. With some awareness of residency programs and their features, the potential residents can then head over to the 2022 showcase to schedule 1-on-1 interviews and plan ahead for the open houses.

New in 2022, by popular request, the 1-on-1 interviews allow potential residents to sign up for 15-minute slots with different RPDs. These brief Zoom meetings are meant to make a connection and start a conversation as everyone looks to the future. Interview spots are limited, so potential residents are encouraged to sign up early for these meetings throughout the day on November 17-18.

If the spots fill up, potential residents can still meet RPDs at the open house each afternoon. Many RPDs will be available in breakout rooms to introduce themselves and answer questions. The open houses do not require any advance registration to attend, but potential residents are encouraged to use the “Add to calendar” buttons to ensure they do not miss out.

To learn more, to see which residencies will be at the open houses, and to manage your 1-on-1 interview schedule, go to the 2022 showcase today.

The generous support of the AAPP Foundation was essential to incorporating video into the directory, creating the 1-on-1 interview system, and providing the showcase at no charge for either RPDs or residents. To learn more and to help support projects like this, visit the AAPP Foundation.

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