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It's an ever-shifting health care landscape today. CPNP works hard every day to stay ahead of this sea of change as we represent psychiatric pharmacy. This edition of CPNP Perspectives sets the stage for the two CPNP Forums to be held at CPNP 2021 by showcasing the major initiatives occurring within CPNP. The first Forum during CPNP 2021 will focus on CPNP’s advocacy efforts and will be held on Wednesday, April 21 from 3:45-5 PM Central. The second Forum will provide the opportunity for discussion around CPNP’s new draft strategic plan and will be held from 3:45-5 PM Central on Thursday, April 22, immediately following Dr. Cherry Jackson’s acceptance of the Judith J. Saklad Memorial award. Simply log-into the CPNP 2021 schedule page at to view the live feed of each Forum and participate. If you are unable to join us at CPNP 2021, know that we are a phone call or email away and happy to dialogue with you about the future of the organization and profession. We look forward to “seeing” many of you online April 19-23 at CPNP 2021!