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AAPP is at work for psychiatric pharmacists! Learn more about these initiatives by viewing the AAPP Forum on Our Future presented at AAPP 2023 and by reviewing posters highlighting our focus. AAPP is investing heavily in the strategic plan to advance psychiatric pharmacy!

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New Journal Article Introducing Psychotropic stewardship: Advancing patient care

First introduced in AAPP’s vision paper, this paper elaborates on the concept of psychotropic stewardship by psychiatric pharmacists. The ultimate goal is that every patient with a psychiatric disorder, including substance use disorders, will have their medication therapy reviewed, optimized, and managed by a psychiatric pharmacist as part of a psychotropic stewardship team. In short, intentional efforts to have a Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP) provide Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) services to patients with psychiatric disorders will improve access, outcomes, and cost. This is the first of many efforts around this concept and initiative.



Core Outcome Set for Psychiatric Pharmacists (COS-PP)

AAPP has assessed best practices and reviewed literature noting a paucity of data demonstrating the value of psychiatric pharmacists on the health care team. AAPP developed a consensus-based set of outcomes and measures to improve research standardization. The measures in this Core Outcome Set for Psychiatric Pharmacists (COS-PP) are intended to be utilized to study the impact of psychiatric pharmacists in caring for individuals living with psychiatric disorders through consistent, measurable, reportable, and reproducible population specific outcomes that are primarily medication-related. (Manuscript Forthcoming). The accompanying COS-PP toolkit is intended to provide guidance and support for research related to psychiatric pharmacist impact. Utilization of a unified core outcome set will ultimately benefit the patients by providing robust evidence of the value of having psychiatric pharmacists on the team to improve access to care, quality of care, and patient satisfaction.



Employer Resource Center Launched

The Employer Resource Center Task Force of the American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists has generated the first of many resource that provides guidance for individuals and organizations to use when creating employment opportunities for psychiatric pharmacists. The available documents were curated to help support pharmacists, employers, and institutional leadership in developing new employment opportunities for psychiatric pharmacists across a variety of practice settings.



Live May 31: Free LAI Antipsychotic Training Program

This multi-faceted, on demand educational activity aims to reduce barriers and increase patient access to LAIs through a universal training program. It includes 5 hours of on demand recorded webinars on psychotropic LAI patient selection, pharmacology, dosing, preparation/administration/storage, key adverse effects and mitigation strategies, and building an LAI practice. Videos on LAI administration are incorporated into the curriculum to enhance learning and real-life application. This activity is further enhanced by comprehensive resources including a pocket guide resource that provides quick access in practice to quickly locate key information on each of the available psychotropic LAIs, LAI administration videos, and an administrative toolkit.


Issue Brief: Psychiatric Pharmacists Play Important Role in Suicide Risk Mitigation

A shout out to Rosana Steavenson, PharmD, BCPP, and the Government Affairs Committee who authored content for AAPP's newest issue brief on suicide risk mitigation. With suicide being a global public health concern devastating communities and families, this issue brief urges Congress to pay for comprehensive medication management (CMM) provided by psychiatric pharmacists so that individuals and health care systems can benefit from psychiatric pharmacist implementation of evidence-based suicide prevention strategies. Please share this issue brief widely with administrators in your health care system as well as legislators and policymakers at the state and national level.


New Journal Article: Social Determinants of health (SDOH) in people living with psychiatric disorders: the role of pharmacists

The Health Equity Journal recently accepted and published an AAPP supported paper detailing how pharmacists play a key role in identifying and mitigating SDOH for patients with psychiatric disorders. Using Healthy People 2030 as a framework, the impact of community pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, and psychiatric pharmacists can be detected across a spectrum of key SDOHs. An especially useful table is the crosswalk between various SDOHs and indication, effectiveness, safety, and adherence. Special recognition to Carla Cobb, PharmD, BCPP as lead author along with the numerous other AAPP members contributing to this paper! 


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