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AAPP is pleased to announce the release of 2023 preparatory products for those preparing for the Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP) exam.

The ever-popular Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy Review book is available. One hundred percent of survey respondents indicate that the Review Book was their primary study resource and a key tool to their certification success.

The Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy Review includes:

  • A book consisting of 13 topics aligned with the content outline for the BCPP examination.
  • Thirteen comprehensive outlines of each topic, expansive references, self-assessment questions and answer justifications, and medication tables.
  • An e-book version of the book hosted in VitalSource Bookshelf. This e-book version allows you to take electronic notes as well as download the book to your desktop or mobile device for off line access.

The multi-faceted BCPP Prep Series provides:

  • 11 recorded review webinars and one "last-chance" question and answer session immediately before the Board of Pharmacy Specialties spring and fall testing windows.


When you buy both products as a bundle, you enjoy additional savings. Check out your registration options and get an early start on your 2023 BCPP exam preparations!

To maintain its strict, independent standards for certification, BPS does NOT develop, endorse, or support review information, preparatory courses, or study guides.
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