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Thanks to CPNP members and Virtual CPNP 2020 attendees, over 300 items were donated to CenterPointe in Lincoln, NE, an organization that provides treatment for people living with mental health and substance use disorders. Items were collected from February through May as part of the CPNP Foundation’s Why Care campaign.

Early in 2020, the CPNP Foundation announced the #WhyCare campaign to raise money and collect items to assemble toiletry kits for the Dallas homeless during the CPNP Annual Meeting. When the in-person event was cancelled due to COVID-19, the Foundation shifted its donation to CenterPointe, an organization in CPNP’s home community of Lincoln, Nebraska that offers more than 35 programs in the areas of crisis response, treatment, rehabilitation, housing, and peer support for individuals living with mental illness and substance use disorders. Items were purchased and donated from CenterPointe’s Amazon Wishlist, and CPNP Foundation staff collected items as they arrived. Donated items included:

  • 3 boxes of trash bags
  • 3 containers of detergent
  • 2 bottles of cleaner
  • 6 multi-packs of winter gloves and hats
  • 4 packages of socks
  • 250+ toothbrushes
  • 200+ tubes of toothpaste
  • 50+ travel-sized deodorants
  • 50+ packages of feminine hygiene products
  • 7 backpacks
  • 1 comforter
  • 2 sheet sets
  • 3 sleeping bags
  • 10 can openers

CPNP/CPNP Foundation staff was able to deliver the donated items to CenterPointe recently. Our thanks to everyone who donated showing how #CPNPCares not only during Mental Health Awareness month but 365 days of the year!

In addition to the WhyCare campaign, the CPNP Foundation Board of Directors is nearing completion of the Foundation’s strategic plan. An increased focus is being placed on the collaboration between the Foundation and CPNP to ensure that both organizations’ plans are aligned and complementary. To learn more, listen to CPNP Foundation President Michael McGuire’s update that was provided to CPNP 2020 attendees during the Forum On Our Future.

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