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Brenda Schimenti, Executive Director

Every 3 to 5 years, CPNP undergoes an extensive strategic planning process where we revisit our mission, vision and objectives and chart our path forward for another 3 to 5 years. Though delayed and certainly influenced by the COVID-19 crisis, CPNP is actively engaged in a process that will now culminate in a strategic planning retreat in March of 2021.

This is your plan and a plan for the psychiatric pharmacy profession. While we can’t have every member involved in every step of the process, CPNP will provide opportunities for direct member input through member-led research groups, surveys, and focus groups.

A strategic planning steering committee of your peers from various practice settings will guide the process. There leaders serve in in a variety of roles and are at various stages in their career. Our 7 member steering committee is listed below. The steering committee will be the sounding board for staff and consultants and will help to guide the entire strategic planning process over the next 9 months.

An important step that has been implemented is the selection of a 20-person strategic planning retreat team. Similar to the steering committee, this larger group has been selected to ensure broad representation of the membership and varying experiences and perspectives. This group will consume all research and data to debate and arrive at a set of goals that will lead CPNP efforts in the future.

We are additionally thrilled to have contracted with Jann B. Skelton, BPharm, MBA, FAPhA of Silver Pennies Consulting, to serve as our strategic planning consultant. Jann is a well-known planning facilitator within health care, and we are excited to utilize her expertise to provoke deep and thoughtful thinking around the organization’s future.

According to Ms. Skelton, “I’m honored to engage with CPNP to lead a strategic planning process that leverages the strengths of psychiatric pharmacists, advances your professional roles, and strengthens your professional organization.”

As you can see in the graphic to the right, we have numerous points of input, including member-led research groups. Four member-led research groups are already in process studying issues such as:

  • What will the future of work for psychiatric pharmacy look like?
  • What external organizations could be the best partners to engage to help us accomplish our goals?
  • What could future volunteer structures and opportunities look like as we all work together to chart and execute the future of our association?

The last 2 pieces of our strategic planning strategy involve your member input through focus groups in the fall of 2020 and a planned member survey in early January 2021. Your participation will be critical as we evaluate all vantage points at our strategic planning retreat in March 2021.

We are excited to continue to move this process forward as we all work together to build on the past and plan the future for our profession. We urge you to keep an eye out for requests to contribute to the process and make your voice heard.

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