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“Progress Waits for Man to Inact It” is an often heard quote that I think of when I think of psychiatric pharmacy and CPNP as our home association. Just think, as we started the new millenium…

  • CPNP had under 300 members. As we wrapped up our fiscal year in middle 2017, we had reached a new milestone of over 2300 members!
  • Less than 200 people attended a CPNP Annual Meeting. Registration is now open for CPNP 2018, April 22-25, in Indianapolis where 800 participants are anticipated to gather.
  • The Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacists (BCPP) credential did not exist. We are celebrating 132 new BCPPs alone in 2017 (see the Happenings section of this newsletter) swelling the ranks of BCPPs to over 1050. Seventy percent of CPNP’s pharmacist members are credentialed as BCPPs!
  • CPNP was not a provider of BCPP preparatory and recertification products. Today CPNP is the sole provider of 2 BCPP preparatory and 5 BCPP recertification products that serve over 800 individuals annually. Don’t forget to check out our 2 newest products, the From Theory to Practice Case Series and the Psychopharmacology Pearls products now available for either 2017 or 2018 credit.
  • There were 15 psychiatric residencies in the US. There are now nearly 100 PGY2 psychiatric pharmacy residency positions representing a 158% growth in residencies over the past 4 years.
  • There were no CPNP student chapters. As of December 2017, we just welcomed our 39th CPNP student chapter. CPNP student chapters bring education and awareness about psychiatric pharmacy and mental illness to over 950 student members annually.
  • CPNP did not have a journal. Today CPNP members benefit from the bi-monthly publication of The Mental Health Clinician which most recently exceeded 24,000 page views in 1 month.
  • CPNP was run by volunteers with no paid staff. CPNP now has 4 staff members with an average tenure of 8 years.

How did we get here? You, our volunteers. We have so many positives to report because so many of you have contributed your time, talent, and expertise over the years. We benefit from the work of over 150 volunteers annually who move our agenda and our profession forward. We are back again asking for assistance as we look toward our next fiscal year of 2018-2019 and the hundreds of volunteers we need to make our organization successful. Please peruse the meaningful opportunities available in our volunteer center and take action to submit your name for consideration on or before January 8. I encourage all of you to volunteer and get connected. Our annual meeting is only 4 months away and many opportunities to connect and meet other members and leaders will be available through CPNP 2018 including submission of posters and clinical pearls which are all due January 17.

In closing, I want to congratulate our ultimate volunteers-our new board members. Taking office in January of 2018 will be Lisa Goldstone, PharmD, MS, BCPS, BCPP as President-Elect, Ericka Crouse, PharmD, BCGP, BCPP, FASCP, FASHP as Secretary, and Karen Moeller, PharmD, BCPP as Member-at-Large. It’s an exciting time to be involved and to be thinking of leading. 

Happy Holidays to all and I look forward to another successful year in 2018!

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