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CPNP is pleased to announce the release of 2018 preparatory products for those preparing for the Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacist (BCPP) exam.

The ever-popular Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy Review book is available. CPNP surveys show that at least 90% of successful BCPP candidates purchase the Review Book as their primary study tool. One hundred percent of survey respondents indicate that the Review Book was their primary study resource and a key tool to their certification success.

The Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy Review includes:

  • A book consisting of 14 topics aligned with the content outline for the BCPP examination.
  • Fourteen comprehensive outlines of each topic, expansive references, self-assessment questions and answer justifications, and medication tables.
  • An e-book version of the book hosted VitalSource Bookshelf. This e-book version allows you to take electronic notes as well as download the book to your desktop or mobile device for off line access.

The multi-faceted 2018 BCPP Prep Series is now available! The Prep Series provides:

  • 11 recorded review webinars and one "last-chance" question and answer session with authors/presenters immediately before the Board of Pharmacy Specialties spring and fall testing windows.


When you buy both products as a bundle, you enjoy additional savings. Check out your registration options and get an early start on your 2018 BCPP exam preparations!

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