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The CPNP web site evolves year-round, and major enhancements are promoted heavily to the entire membership. Below are 5 new features that you might not know about. If you have feedback on any of the tools, please email

The Career Hub

The Career Hub provided organization to many of the resources available to people considering a career in psychiatric pharmacy. Going beyond just the job and residency listings, this hub is expanding to include practice descriptions and insights of value to newcomers and trainees. Take a closer look, pass it along to your trainees, and let us know if something is missing.

The Site Search

The Site Search experienced several improvements over the last year. In addition to an industry-standard keyword engine, the interface allows you to easily narrow by the source of content, by the general subject matter, and by educational characteristics. Community Leaders help to maintain the subject matter categories, and the source filter allows you to choose between recent and archival content. It is hard to find the right needle in a haystack as large as the CPNP web site, but we continue the work of making it easier.

Movies in the Classroom

The Movies in the Classroom column has been contributed by student members and their faculty mentors since 2011. Browse through the list of movies, and you might find one worth incorporating into your lectures – or into your weekend. Public perception and stigma can be influenced by portrayal of mental health issues in film, so this exercise can be valuable for the profession.

Health Policy Agenda

Governmental and Professional Affairs is a complex and rapidly changing area. Therefore a periodic check-in is definitely worthwhile, especially to revisit CPNP’s top priorities. Our main priorities in 2017 are advocating for access to mental health care and on educating regulators, policy makers, and other health care professionals on the valuable role that psychiatric pharmacists play as providers in the health care delivery system.

The Medication Database

The Medication Database provides a list of psychiatric medications that are searchable/sortable by generic name, by brand name and by class. This is only the first draft of the database, but it already provides an easy and quick way to access resources on a specific medication on the CPNP web site, within the Mental Health Clinician, within the NAMI Medication Fact Sheets authored by CPNP members, and at DailyMed, RxNav, and other resources coming soon. Take a look at this resource and let us know what addition would make it work better for you.


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