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We know BCPP recertification can be confusing and feel a little overwhelming. The reality is that there are numerous resources and tools available to make it much simpler. In addition to numerous resources available at, CPNP has compiled all of the information you need into a brief webinar that you can view and revisit at your leisure.

Listen in now as BCPP Director Rex Lott, PharmD, BCPP and Brenda Schimenti, CPNP Executive Director answer the following frequently asked questions.

  1. What are my options to recertify for my BCPP?
  2. What are the advantages of one method of recertification over another?
  3. What are the requirements to recertify for my BCPP via the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) route through CPNP?
  4. What makes BCPP recertification products unique from other CPD products such that I can’t use any ACPE approved product?
  5. Where do I find the BCPP product information on the CPNP website?
  6. What tools are available to help me?
  7. Are there any tracking tools to help guide me?
  8. How do I register for CPNP recertification products?
  9. How do I access learning materials once I have registered for a recertification product?
  10. What are the recertification product exams like, how long do I have to take them, and are retests available?
  11. What are my recertification product choices?
  12. What are the differences between products and are there any specific requirements associated with any of the products?

Still have questions? No worries—here are some quick links and points of contact.

BCPP Recertification Quick Links
Call CPNP 402.476.1677
Email CPNP
Visit CPNP Recertification Pages
Download the BCPP Prepatory and Recertification Product Brochure
Register for Recertification
View your BCPP Transcript
Access your Learning Materials
and Exams
Visit the BPS Website


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