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CPNP is redoubling its efforts to raise the profile of psychiatric pharmacists. In recent years, government affairs and policy efforts have facilitated a growing number of partnerships, our expanding education resources are opening new doors, and our increased visibility has led to new discussions with a variety of health care groups both inside and outside of pharmacy.

Be Profiled as a Model Practice!‚Äč

While our members understand the impact psychiatric pharmacists can have on both access to care and quality of care, it is still far too commonplace that people are unaware of clinical pharmacists generally and psychiatric pharmacists in particular. The Professional Affairs Task Force was formed with the primary objective of addressing that obstacle for the specialty. They are working with an outside consulting firm to improve the way we introduce the profession to policymakers, regulators, health care professionals, and the public.

The current phase of the project is developing two important resources. First, we are creating an infographic so that there is an easy-to-understand one-page introduction to the concept of psychiatric pharmacists and how we fit into the health care system. Second, we will create practice profiles that illustrate different ways psychiatric pharmacists contribute in tangible ways. In combination, these tools will provide a boost as we continue to make new connections and spread the word about the specialty.

How can you help? If you have a practice that could be reproduced elsewhere and that has made a demonstrable impact in your area, submit the profile form so that the task force can consider including you in the practice profiles.

What tools do we have available today? If you need help explaining psychiatric pharmacists, you should consider the issue briefs (especially "The Role of Psychiatric Pharmacists"). You can also find a less-technical approach in our resources for patients and caregivers.

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