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USP General Chapter <800> changes the way hazardous drugs must be handled in order to promote patient safety, worker safety and environmental protection. The new rules apply to all health care workers and all practice settings, and that likely means you will see changes at your facility over the next year as the implementation deadline (12/1/2019) approaches.

We have developed the CPNP USP <800> Compliance Toolkit to help you and your facility administration to address the new regulations while balancing the unique treatment needs of mental health patients. Being too aggressive with safety precautions could create anxiety or paranoia in some patients, which would be counterproductive to their treatment goals. The toolkit was developed to assess the actual risks posed by drugs on the NIOSH list and to recommend adequate safety measures that would minimize the impact on the treatment of mental health patients.

A FREE 1-hour ACPE-accredited webinar is available to help explain the actual demands of USP General Chapter <800>. The webinar takes a close look at the entire process required for compliance without the use of the toolkit. The process involves committees, assessments of risk, communication plans, training, and more. This is relevant information for every clinician, even those who are not directly responsible for compliance.

A 7-minute video is available at to explain how the toolkit can streamline your compliance process and eliminate months of detailed research by providing 125+ peer-reviewed assessment of risk forms, complete with references. It briefly walks you through the toolkit's interface to illustrate how you will be able to customize the toolkit for your facilities.

Finally, you can purchase your toolkit license today, and it extend through the end of 2019. There is no need to wait. You will gain access to the interface in October as soon as we incorporate changes based on the September 2018 NIOSH list update (yet to be released). You can purchase directly pass it along to your purchasing department. More details and purchase options are available at!

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