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There are so many possibilities when it comes to making CPNP 2016 your own by customizing the Annual Meeting to reflect your interests and get the most out of your attendance. This starts with selecting the programs of your choice when multiple sessions are available.

Sunday morning you may want to attend the pre-meeting workshop while Sunday afternoon allows you to select between recertification, student, and resident programming.

Monday you may choose to attend programs that are part of the women’s health or recertification tracks, or hear from poster award finalists as they present their Platform Presentations.

Tuesday you may elect to hear about Issues of the Day, programs specific to neurology, Pipeline Presentations, or Clinical Pearls.

There are so many different ways that you can mix and match the programming that it should be easy to justify your attendance! If you need assistance in that regard, use the Justification Toolkit to sell your attendance at CPNP 2016.

Customization doesn’t stop with programming:

  • Share your experience dealing with clinical problems by submitting a clinical pearl
  • Present the very latest information about new CNS compounds so others can learn about the most promising agents in the specialty drug pipeline
  • Gather with Communities for ad-hoc collaboration and information sharing between members who share a special interest or practice setting
  • Participate in the Forum on Our Future discussions with the CPNP Board on up to four of the highest priority topics identified by the membership
  • Engage in chats with your peers on specific topics in a relaxed and casual atmosphere called “Discussion Dens

Encourage others to make CPNP their own by sharing information on CPNP 2016!

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