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Take Credit for Your CPNP Volunteer Contributions

We at CPNP are very proud of our volunteers. A large (and growing) number of our members have volunteered their time to advance the profession and improve patient care. We want each and every one of you to get the credit you deserve, and so we have provided simple instructions for increasing the visibility of your contribution if you are on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn provides a public view of your professional career. Many of your colleagues and peers can see your career path watch your ongoing evolution through this powerful social networking tool. However, many people forget to take credit for their varied and valuable volunteer contributions. This brief tutorial walks you through reporting your volunteer contributions with CPNP on any level from abstract review to board service.

Step 1: Click this link and log in. While you can always add volunteer experience to your profile, this special link will launch you into a simple wizard with less effort.

Step 2: Click “Yes”.

Step 3: Enter your role as a volunteer. Example roles include “abstract reviewer,” “peer reviewer,” “field tester,” “Program Committee Member,” “Consumer Relations Chair,” and so on. We always encourage accuracy, but you can enter your role however you saw it.

Step 4: Select “CPNP” when asked “where”. Type “CPNP” and wait for the CPNP logo to appear so that you can click it. If you do not actually click the CPNP logo, then your volunteer experience will not be tied to CPNP.

Step 5: Select your dates of service and click “Save.”

Step 6: Describe your volunteer work or click “Skip.”

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 for each distinct volunteer role you want to promote!

Step 8: The BONUS step! If you have contributed to the Mental Health Clinician as a peer reviewer, you can add that to your profile by following the same steps 1-6 and typing “Mental Health Clinician” in the “where” question (step 4). Make sure you are able to click on the red MHC logo!

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