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Education is one of the cornerstone services CPNP offers to members and non-members. The CPNP Annual Meeting and recertification offerings are complex, multi-faceted activities that consume numerous resources including hundreds of hours of volunteer and staff time.

Not surprisingly, one of the 5 pillars in CPNP’s strategic plan is devoted to “Our Expertise” where the Board states its commitment to advancing our various educational products in order to remain innovative and to provide the best value to our members.

As its starting point in achieving this goal, the organization completed in-depth studies of the CPNP Annual Meeting and all BCPP recertification products and processes. Two task forces (see participants at the close of this article) convened in the summer of 2014 to review statistics, purchaser preferences and feedback, the progression of the profession, and trends in educational design and delivery. Additionally, a psychometrician was engaged to complete an objective review of CPNP’s recertification planning processes and the validity and reliability of recertification products.

This research and dialogue resulted in five year educational plans for both recertification products and the Annual Meeting. Key actions in these 2015-2019 plans are detailed below:

CPNP Annual Meeting 5 Year Plan CPNP Recertification 5 Year Plan
  1. Document standard operating procedures for planning.
  1. Complete and submit a response to the BPS Request for Proposal requesting selection as the BCPP recertification provider for 2016-2020.
  1. Document standard operating procedures for location selection.
  1. Analyze psychometrician recommendations associated with BCPP assessment processes and make recommendations to the CPNP Board of Directors regarding implementation and timeline.  
  1. Transition to a 4-year cycle for committee chairs (chair designee, chair-elect, chair, past-chair).
  1. Survey BCPPs (members and non-members) about current products and potential new products.
  1. Transition to 5-year overlapping cycles for administrative chair.
  1. Sustain volunteer efforts and enthusiasm for recertification.
  1. The Residency and New Practitioner Committee will investigate recurring programming and networking options for residents and/or new practitioners.
  1. Develop position descriptions, terms and honorarium structures for editorial board positions to ensure the cultivation and identification of talent for leadership roles within and external to the editorial boards.
  1. The Student Committee will continue to plan and improve its offerings and mentoring for student attendees.
  1. Form a work group to study BCPP survey results noted above and evaluate and recommend new product options to the Board.
  1. Consider the impact of non-specialists (aspiring) on the content of the meeting involving perhaps the need for a broader base of content to serve as their prime meeting source.
  1. Develop a plan for more thorough needs assessment through a combination of surveys, focus groups and other methods.
  1. Increase networking opportunities.
  1. Study and update our recertification product pricing model.
  1. Study and implement evolution in the areas of needs assessment, additional programming and marketing.
  1. Provide Review Course digitally starting in 2016.
  1. Accumulate and distribute information and tools on CPD to CPNP members and reinforce in organizational communications.
  1. Increase the usage of Review Course presentations in alternate contexts (e.g., podcasts) for other uses outside of the Review Course.
  1. Accumulate and distribute information and tools on CPD to CPNP members and BCPPs and reinforce in organizational communications.
  1. Explore alternate live formats for 2018 (e.g., 90-minute sessions for more interaction, more case-based discussions) and a possible name change.

Member input will be critical as we study options and consider and experiment with different approaches in education design and delivery. We will be calling on our members to provide that input and hope that you will carve out the time to give us the insights and information needed to ensure we deliver the highest quality, most impactful education possible.

Education Task Force

  • Jennifer Bean, PharmD, BCPP
  • Sheila Botts, PharmD, BCPP
  • Jacque Canning, PharmD, BCPP
  • Carla Cobb, PharmD, BCPP
  • Kelly Gable, PharmD, BCPP
  • Jerry Overman, PharmD, BCPP
  • Greg Payne, MBA
  • Brenda Schimenti, MS
  • Steve Stoner, PharmD, BCPP
  • Glen Stimmel, PharmD, BCPP
  • Chris Thomas, PharmD, BCPP

Recertification Task Force

  • Mary Borovicka, PharmD, BCPP
  • Steve Burghart, DPh, BCPP, MBA
  • Cynthia Kirkwood, PharmD, BCPP
  • Rex Lott, PharmD, BCPP
  • Sarah Melton, PharmD, BCPS, CGP, BCPP, BCACP
  • Jerry McKee, PharmD, MS, BCPP
  • Greg Payne, MBA
  • Brenda Schimenti, MS
  • Chris Thomas, PharmD, BCPP
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