The Editorial Board is responsible for developing this annual recertification product which consists of up to five clinical review articles focused on single disorders, or on one or more distinct aspects of a single psychiatric, neurologic, or substance use disorder. Monographs are authored by leading experts in the field and hosted in AAPP’s peer-reviewed journal, The Mental Health Clinician (MHC). Editor responsibilities include author and topic selection, author communication, product design, monograph editing, test question review to ensure validity and reliability, and program implementation and evaluation (Meets: Virtually 3-4 times per year, Time Commitment: Average of 1-2 hours per month and 20 hours over course of the year, BCPP required).

Charges to the Psychopharmacology Pearls Editorial Board

Maintain quality of BCPP recertification products and processes. Note: Charges 1a through 1d will be completed largely by staff with consultation with all Recert leaders across all products.
Launch Recertification Programming on-time
Implement established policies and procedures designed to ensure recertification products and exams are valid, reliable, and of high quality
Survey BCPPs (members and non-members) about current products and to assess professional development needs
Participate as needed in planning regarding new product development or current product revamping
Implement administrative changes to increase operational efficiency of recertification planning and implementation and to adhere to any changes in standards.
Plan and implement the Pearls product from needs assessment to implementation