The Professional Affairs Committee will showcase psychiatric pharmacists' clinical practices in a practice-advancement effort to demonstrate the value of psychiatric pharmacists in team-based healthcare. (Meets: Virtually 1-hour monthly and in-person at Annual Meeting, Time Commitment: Average of 3 hours per month and 35 hours over course of the year)

Charges to the Professional Affairs Committee

Provide feedback as requested on advocacy-related organizational initiatives, existing advocacy content, and staff-led activities.
Monitor the effectiveness of professional affairs and set related goals to gauge success.
Identify, evaluate, and prioritize associations for outreach (by staff or designated leaders) and partnership. Track and measure progress.
Develop recommendations and/or resources for ambassador selection, training, and deployment to other associations and their affiliated conferences.
Create communications and relationship building strategies for outreach to administrators, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and substance use disorder professionals.
Identify organizational research opportunities that will support or enhance advocacy efforts.