This committee is responsible for providing advice and supporting justifications on policy activities as broad representatives of the membership. The committee will work to recommend organizational policy positions that benefit  members and to ensure advocacy efforts do not disadvantage or harm any particular subgroups in the membership. The committee will evaluate priorities for the upcoming year and create a policy agenda that will be put forward for board approval and will work with government affairs consultants to evaluate opportunities to influence the policymaking process ensuring activities are reflective of and benefitting the membership. (Meets: Virtually monthly and occasionally in-person at Annual Meeting, Participates In: Annual virtual Hill visits as available, Time Commitment: Average of 2 hours per month and 30-35 hours over course of the year)

Charges to the Government Affairs Committee

Participate in tasks that support the Health Policy Agenda, including visits with Congressional offices and federal agency officials.
Contribute content or editing recommendations to comment letters and other communications intended to address legislative, regulatory and policy actions. In the absence of expertise on the GAC, recommend AAPP members to assist.
Provide input into the creation and development of a grassroots materials.
Assist with the development of member testimonials on the importance of advocacy.
Assist with the creation of videos on how to engage in advocacy and why AAPP members should take an active role in advocacy.
Recommend additional issue briefs, documents, and/or content on AAPP’s advocacy priorities.
Participate in discussion around the maturation of the GAC and its efforts to grow future policy leaders and create a culture of advocacy among AAPP members.
Coordinate with Professional Affairs Committee on matters of overlapping interest.
Participate in coalition efforts as appropriate.
Participate in and support the activities of the following coalitions:
  • Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners-JCPP (staffed by ED)
  • Get The Medications Right-GTMRx (staffed by ED and members)
  • Mental Health Liaison Group-MHLG (staffed by Venable)
  • Partnership for Part D Access (staffed by Venable)
  • Health Professions and Nursing Education Coalition- HPNEC (staffed by Venable)
Review and discuss strategic plan annually and its implications for the work of the GAC and AAPPs advocacy priorities and strategies.
Participate in AAPP advocacy related sessions at 2023 annual meeting.
Identify potential members for GAC recruitment.
Orient new members of the Committee on the importance of advocacy, how it is carried out, and the role of the Committee in supporting AAPP’s advocacy activities, as well as the objectives for the year.
By November, establish a public policy/advocacy agenda annually in conjunction with DPG for Board approval.