The Continuing Professional Development Committee (CPD) serves as the committee considering trends in professional development, forecasting future training needs, and recommending future direction for AAPP’s CE enterprise. This committee ultimately supports the career development and continuing professional education needs of members by advising and informing AAPP’s educational mission, goals, and policies. This ten to twelve-member invitation-only committee considers needs analyses, Board requests, DEI principles, and other factors to ensure continuing professional education programming is innovative, effective, of superior quality, and prepares psychiatric pharmacists for current and future practice.

Charges to the CPD Committee

Evaluate key trends in continuing professional development for psychiatric pharmacy professionals and recommend key goals and strategies as well as necessary revisions to AAPP’s educational mission and goals. (Completion by 8/31/2023 – Full team)
Evaluate identified purposes and goals of major product lines, including mandated coverage of content and recommend next steps and/or revisions. (Completion by 8/31/2023 – Full team)
Study and make recommendations concerning AAPP’s role in educating non-specialist or otherwise credentialed clinical pharmacists around mental illness, medication management, and other related aspects of patient care. (Completion by 9/30/2023 – Work group)
Using DEI Committee for consultation and review, develop principles and processes to increase inclusion of DEI principles in faculty selection and continuing education contentt. (Completion by 9/30/2023 – Work group)
Advise on creation, launch, and output from subject matter expert (SME) database in an effort to evaluate volunteers and consider diversity factors in faculty selection.
Considering guidance from ACPE and BPS, develop recommendations on how AAPP can increase our role in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and how AAPP can assist members in embracing the practice of CPD. (Completion by 11/30/2023 – Work group)
Evaluate business potential to capture recertifiers by exam with CPD offerings and processes. (Completion by 11/30/2023)
For the Summit product, which is to focus on emerging areas of practice:
Define and provide guidance as to what is an emerging area of practice. (Completion by 8/31/2023 – Full team)
Recommend potential areas of focus for Summit 2024. (Completion by 8/31/2023 – Full team)
As requested, evaluate staff and committee developed recommendations around practices, policies, and processes impacting educational products. (Advisory)
Evaluate recommendations around exam writing training.
Evaluate recommendations around needs assessment processes including identifying needs and preferred product formats for future generations of BCPPs.