The Abstracts and Awards Council oversees the scientific poster sessions and the Research and Practice Awards at the AAPP Annual Meeting each year. The poster sessions provide a unique opportunity for networking, the promotion of scholarly activity, and the dissemination of the latest psychiatric pharmacotherapeutic research findings. The council leads the abstract peer review process and works to continually improve the poster session experience. (Meets: Virtually 2 hours per year and in-person at the Annual Meeting, Time Commitment: ~25 h/y, mostly in Jan/Feb)

Charges to the Abstracts and Awards Council

Support the abstract and awards process culminating in the scientific poster sessions and platform presentations, including a yearly review to identify any opportunities for improvement.
Evaluate all submission interfaces and review processes.
Provide the Research Community leaders with a list of abstract authors who could potentially present their posters on a webinar.
Publish all abstracts presented at the Annual Meeting in the Mental Health Clinician.