AAPP envisions a world where all individuals living with mental illness receive safe, appropriate, and effective treatment. To achieve that, it is important to promote practices that reflect the best current evidence available. Thus, over time, all content will either be updated or removed from the web site.

Educational resources will typically be removed approximately 2 years after ACPE credit expires. Learners are encouraged to save any resources they believe will be useful past the accreditation window. AAPP may remove course materials any time after a course expires, and staff cannot provide access to materials once they have been removed from the web site.

Grant-funded educational resources are available for 1 year after the launch date and may then be removed at the discretion of the Director for Continuing Professional Development based on relevance and best current evidence.

Many non-CE resources will be removed 1-3 years after their final updates based on their scientific rigor. Such date-based removal is not intended to be content moderation, and members are able to revisit any email discussion topics deleted in this process. AAPP does not guarantee availability of non-CE resources for any timeframe and may remove such resources without notice and for any reason.

This content retention guidance does not apply to the Mental Health Clinician. All MHC journal articles are considered part of the scholarly record and are permanently archived in PubMed Central.

This content retention guidance is provided for informational purposes only. AAPP does not warrant the availability of any content on its web site for any specific period of time.