Prepare for Virtual CPNP 2020!

We are excited about the 1,000+ participants in Virtual CPNP 2020! We are working hard to ensure all goes smoothly. You can help by planning out your week and testing interfaces on the computer or device you will be using during Virtual CPNP 2020. Spend 6 minutes today watching the demonstration video so that you can easily join sessions, submit evaluations, bookmark sessions of interest, participate in poster sessions, and more!

#CPNP2020 is Where Pharmacy and Psychiatry Meet

Join CPNP for a Virtual CPNP 2020 Annual Meeting, April 27-May 1 at the only conference solely focused on psychiatric pharmacotherapy. A range of cutting-edge topics will be offered as well as recertification credit for Board Certified Psychiatric Pharmacists (BCPPs). During the 5-day virtual event, attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Earn nearly 30 hours of ACPE continuing education credits (available for a 3 year period)
  • Engage in 2 interactive poster sessions, including digital posters (as available from presenters)
  • Access all learning materials
  • Gain access to 16 hours of live presentations by our CPNP 2020 faculty and industry partners
  • Gain access to another 13 hours of recorded presentations
  • Receive access to all sessions (and ACPE credit) in recorded format
  • Access available industry educational programming
  • Participate in interactive idea exchanges led by several CPNP communities
  • Get free access to CPNP’s Opioid Use Disorder program (a $149 value) on or before April 24 if you are a full pharmacist or resident registrant.