Antiepileptics and/or mood stabilizers are the cornerstones of bipolar disorder management. They each contain a unique set of monitoring parameters, including therapeutic drug monitoring. Patient-specific factors, such as mood state, organ function, and pregnancy status, may help guide clinicians on selecting the appropriate mood stabilizer.

  • Which tests and labs should be ordered for patients receiving mood stabilizers?1-5
  • How frequently should labs be ordered for patients receiving mood stabilizers?1,5
  • What are the risks of using mood stabilizers in pregnancy?6,7
  • How do we manage adverse effects associated with mood stabilizers?5,8

Reviewer 1: Trisha McHugh, PharmD
Reviewer 2: Austin Smith, PharmD, BCPP
2023-2024 AAPP Resident and New Practitioner Committee

Essential Questions and References

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