Steven C. Stoner, PharmD, BCPP
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Clinical Professor, Division of Pharmacy Practice and Administration
University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Pharmacy
Kansas City, MO

Steve’s career started at the University of Nebraska School of Pharmacy (1994) followed by completion of a residency and fellowship with the UMKC affiliated programs at Western Missouri Mental Health Center (1994-1996) in Kansas City, Missouri. He joined the UMKC School of Pharmacy in 1996 where he is currently a Clinical Professor and Associate Dean for Student Affairs. He has maintained a consultant role with the Northwest Missouri Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (NMPRC) where he had previously practiced for 12 years and served as the Program Director of an ASHP Accredited Residency Program for 10 years. While at NMPRC he completed a number of research projects and publications in the areas of bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia. Steve also serves as a clinical expert on the Developmental Disabilities and the Dementia for the Missouri Telehealth Network & Show-Me ECHO program. He has received the NCDEU-NIMH Young Investigator Award, the CPNP Clinical Practice Award, and a number of Preceptor and Teacher of the Year awards with the UMKC School of Pharmacy. In addition he has completed the AACP Academic Leadership Fellowship Program and the University of Missouri’s Presidential Academic Leadership Development Program. Steve has served as the Chair of the Section of Teachers of Pharmacy Practice with AACP in 2014-2015 and as the Chair of the Council of Sections in 2017-2018. Steve was also named the Missouri Society of Health System Pharmacists, Pharmacist of the Year in 2015.