AAPP is the home association for the psychiatric pharmacist specialist but our reach extends to other health care professionals interested in psychiatry and effective, evidence-based treatment for those living with mental illness, substance use disorders, and/or neurologic disorders. Take advantage of these year-round opportunities to educate and inform the psychiatric pharmacist.
Start Your Digital Campaign with Email, $7,000: AAPP can start your digital campaign through a dedicated email to a recipient list of up to 8,000 people interested in psychiatric pharmacotherapy. Email distribution to current AAPP members only is available for $5,000. This opportunity is only
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provide content for the e-blast that will be sent under the AAPP header with appropriate disclosures. AAPP’s best results have exceeded 5,000 clicks for a single send. A second send of the exact same email can be conducted for an additional $3,000.

Add-on Option: Expand your Digital Campaign with Social Media, $5,000: With a growing number of followers on the major social networks, AAPP social media distribution allows you to broaden the reach of your content. When you add social media distribution to your digital campaign, AAPP guarantees 1,500 clicks by utilizing paid promotion to a targeted audience as necessary.


Add-on Option: Complete Your Digital Campaign by Publishing on aapp.org, $3,000: Your PDF resource can be added to our community shared resources for a period of 6 months. This will cause the landing page for your PDF (an abstract, thumbnail, and link) to appear in site search results and be available to AAPP members. Alternately, you can choose to have that content made available to the general public without a login, and it will then additionally be indexable by search engines like Google.