Within AAPP, DEI is seen as a key driver for the organization and the profession. DEI initiatives are intended to ensure that the psychiatric pharmacy specialty, from students to BCPPs, is representative of the patients they serve. In the process, we anticipate that the organization will be more accessible and welcoming to diverse members, and their inclusion will make the organization more effective. The DEI Committee is charged with providing guidance and direction to the association in the area of DEI. Additionally, they assist with identifying board and leadership training needs and making recommendations accordingly. Lastly, they evaluate the demographic make-up of the membership and recommend educational products and services to benefit the members and ultimately the patients members serve.

Charges to the DEI Committee

Provide Direction to AAPP Board, Committees and Staff
Develop a core document (for Board consideration) consisting of a DEI statement, recommended terminology AAPP and AAPP members can utilize in an effort to develop shared terminology, and a strategy for core areas of focus for AAPP’s near-term DEI efforts to ensure AAPP’s efforts are targeted and impactful.
Review documents and policies with DEI implications as authored by other committees and staff within AAPP. Priorities include:
A statement on event sites and selection criteria and challenges.
Goals for committee member selection.
Content creator and faculty guidance provided by the CPD Committee.
  • Consider the addition of an evaluation question to each programming evaluation such as: Rate the degree to which the speaker integrated health equity (e.g., discussed health care disparities, population-based care, or social determinants of health; described structural inequities, encouraged participants to acknowledge/challenge implicit biases; reinforced the use of resources that promote equity).
Analyze preliminary member demographic data in conjunction with staff, interpret, and make recommendations for communication around the analysis.
Provide Resources (non-ACPE) to the AAPP Membership.
Identify and prioritize necessary resources with consideration to “fireside chat” type of peer-to-peer exchange around books, articles, movies, book club.
Curate a webpage of existing DEI resources for the benefit of membership.
Educate AAPP Leadership on Principles of DEI
Author possible filters/questions for board and committee leaders to add to decision-making processes; champion through DEI and board liaison (Ben and Suzie)
Pilot Board training involving Board members reviewing the 4 relevant ASHP videos with 30 minutes of facilitated discussion at the January and March 2023 Board meetings (facilitated by Ben and/or Suzie)
Develop an evaluation tool to allow Board members to evaluate the experience and recommend additional training needed.
Educate Membership on Principles of DEI and/or SDOH as it Relates to the Profession and Patient Care
By March 25, 2023, develop recommendations for programming for the 2024 Annual Meeting
By June 30, 2023, recommend 2 to 4 hours of programming that could be considered for Summit 2024 (October 2024) (E.g., Screening for SDOH as pharmacists, how to implement)
Complete brainstorming, needs assessment, faculty identification