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Welcome To AAPP!

The American Academy of Private Physicians is a non-profit trade organization.

“Let me be the first to welcome you to the website for the American Academy of Private Physicians. I am excited to be involved in the organization, and am honored to serve as your president.”

The AAPP’s primary function is to serve as the official national trade organization for medical doctors in the practice of private medicine. The AAPP is proud to act as the pre-eminent informational resource and professional advocacy group for all of our members – including the thousands we now serve and the countless others who are yet to come. Whether greeting physicians who are seeking to convert an existing practice or helping established direct practices grow more quickly, the AAPP has some of the most experienced minds in the business championing our cause. Additional areas of focus for the organization include national direct care public relations, legal and regulatory engagement on behalf of private medicine, and enhancing professional connectivity within our private physician community.

We believe in the sanctity of the relationship between doctors and our patients, and are here to provide the tools and business resources to allow you to flourish.

  •  Pamila Brar, MD – President
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