CPNP 2010 Annual Meeting

An Invitation to the 2010 Annual Meeting

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the CPNP Program and Recertification Committees, I am eager to announce the 2010 Annual Meeting, Exploring the New Frontier of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacy. This year’s meeting challenges attendees to explore progressive treatment strategies and translate them into practices that improve the minds and lives of patients.

An interactive pre-meeting workshop providing hands-on training in Managing Diabetes in Patients with Psychiatric Illness will launch the meeting. After the pre-meeting workshop Sunday morning, BCPP recertification programming features sessions on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism and New Drugs and Formulary Decision-Making.

Additional meeting highlights include an inspiring keynote address from Terry Wise who will share her perspectives as a lawyer and as an individual who has suffered from psychiatric symptoms and survived her own suicide attempt. Dr. Ben Kurian will consider the significance of the STAR*D Trials and discuss the future direction of comparative effectiveness trials. The keynote address on day 3 features Drs. Buckley and Nasrallah debating the controversial question of Antipsychotic Efficacy vs. Adverse Effects: Which Trumps?

Concurrent programming offered throughout the meeting will feature numerous programming tracks on depression, special populations, and platform presentations, as well as recertification programming on topics such as Improving Outcomes in Patients with Tramautic Brain Injury and Long-Term Risks of In-Utero Exposure to Psychotropics. A new format featuring clinical pearls will offer several clinical management strategies you can put into use immediately.

Rounding out the meeting on the final day are keynote addresses by Dr. Philip Harvey reviewing the forefront data on Treatment of Cognitive Impairments in Schizophrenia and by Dr. Larry Ereshefsky on Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease.

On behalf of the Board and your dedicated peers on the Program and Recertification Committees, I invite you to join your friends and colleagues at the 2010 Annual Meeting. We hope to see you in San Antonio!

Joshana Goga, PharmD, BCPP
2010 CPNP Program Chair