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September 2012

It was last year I went to the AAPP conference in AZ. I went live with my conversion September 2012 and now under a year I am at 475 patients. I charge less than most since I do not have wealthy patients, nor do I have all older patients, but it is enough to make a living. I am so happy I made that move to Concierge practice.

David S, M.D.

July 2012

In considering alternatives to office-based Family Medicine within a multi-specialty group, I came across the AAPP website and inquired about the one-on-one workshop which was being offered. This is “a phone-based workshop for physicians who are interested in exploring private medicine”.

Tom Blue spent over an hour on the phone with both my husband (a businessman by trade) and me (a physician) answering questions and providing guidance. I was amazed at how much interest Tom took in what we said and how much he had to offer from his prior experiences with establishing concierge practices. The conversation was inspiring and enlightening. I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.

Thank you, Tom, for your insights and your time!

Elizabeth Fagan, MD

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