aapp-logo-circleWhether you are a medical student, dental professional or a physician who is considering or currently managing a private practice, The American Academy of Private Physicians is a great organization for you to join. We are a nonprofit organization that has been around since 2003. We strive to continuously provide medical professionals with support and a variety of growth opportunities to improve the quality and focus of care they give to their patients.

The face of private practice is evolving. Instead of providing care for the privileged few, we are focused on providing care to all patients who are in need of our services. We understand that the healthcare industry presents a variety of challenges for many physicians, regardless of whether they are a private practice or not. That is why we advocate our physicians and work hard to provide them with state of the art resources they can use to transform the face of private practice. We are proud to be an information and advocacy source for direct care physicians everywhere. No matter what your level of experience is, here are several reasons why you can benefit from joining the AAPP.

Ways to Increase Patient Empowerment

Ou members are committed to providing the best in care to empower their patients to learn more about their health. That way they can continue to seek out the care they need. Our members strive to make quality care more accessible, convenient and affordable by identifying and treating more of the risks that are associated with chronic health problems.

Tips to Enhance the Patient and Physician Bond

We provide a variety of publications, seminars, classes and other educational tools that you can use to strengthen the bond between you and your patients. You can also read and share stories with other medical professionals and gain insight into different challenges and methods they use to overcome them.

Transparency and Adaptability

We recognize that in order to provide patients with the best in healthcare, medical professionals need ongoing training and education from a variety of avenues. We keep track of all policy and legislative changes in the healthcare industry. We create our publications, research initiatives, standards and a variety of other informational sources to advocate and encourage our current and potential members to adapt their practices to meet the needs of their patients.


We provide members with discounts on various services help reduce costs incurred by your practice. Our Medical Malpractice Insurance Program is endorsed and offers members very attractive discounts to minimize their practicing expenses. We also provide our members, their families, and their private practice clientele with reduced price membership for global air medical transport protection for personal and business travel.

Networking Opportunities

Membership in the AAPP opens up many doors, including networking opportunities. We encourage and support our members to collaborate, network and support each other to strengthen their commitment to their patients, their private practice and to increase the cohesiveness of our community within the healthcare industry.

Exclusive Access to Vendors

We encourage our members to build, manage or transition to private practices of their own. We provide exclusive access to a whole host of vendors that offer a variety of services to make building and running a private practice much easier and more affordable. We provide members with collective bargaining power for vendors as well.

Member Directory

To make it easier for our members to reach out and communicate with their peers, we maintain a robust member directory. Our directory can also be used by patients to find doctors that provide the scope and quality of care they seek. The directory contains vital information on credentials, practice areas, and descriptions of practices.

Annual Conferences

The American Academy of Private Physicians holds conferences each year to help support private physicians with the knowledge and tools they need for success. AAPP encourages all members to attend the annual conferences to network with industry-leading experts in the medical and healthcare field. Everything from medical legal counseling and healthcare marketing to medical technology and long-term business planning, there will be programs for all interests.