concierge-medicine-overall-healthAll physicians, no matter why they entered the medical field or where they now practice, are held to a high standard of ethics. This standard is based on the central theme of responsibility to patients. When you put the interest of your patients above all else, you deliver the best quality of care. This leads to improved relationships between you and your patients based on mutual respect and trust.

Numerous factors can make it difficult to always put patients’ needs ahead of your own. Likewise, there are factors that can make it easier to do so. One of these is having a private practice. The following are a few of the reasons why private medicine leads to better physician-patient relationships.

Higher-Quality Care

Because you don’t work for an institution, you have much more flexibility with the care you provide. You don’t have to deal with the pressure of seeing more patients than you can handle just for a bigger bottom line. Therefore, you can give your patients greater time and attention during their appointments. This allows you ample time to address all concerns and not to feel rushed in the process. When patients sense you aren’t watching the clock, they can relax and open up further. The more information you have about their health, the more suitably you can treat them.

You also have complete control over who you hire as your administrative and medical staff. This ensures that only properly trained and certified employees work in your office and maintain your high standards. You also choose the equipment, supplies, and décor you use in order to create an up-to-date, welcoming environment.

Quicker Care

With a less restrictive schedule, you are able to deliver quicker care. Patients aren’t left waiting for their appointment to start due to you trying to play catchup, because you are in charge of your own schedule and time management. This freer setup also allows for same-day appointments for patients with immediate issues. When patients know they can be seen right away, they are more likely to have problems taken care of before things worsen. Your reliability and availability further nurtures the trust in your relationship.

More Consistency

Private practice offers a greater amount of consistency due to its smaller nature. Patients likely see the same staff members continually and achieve a personal relationship with them as well. More important, they see the same physician for all their follow-up appointments. This enables consistent and thorough care. Your patients don’t have to worry about dealing with other doctors who have different styles of practice or opinions of treatment because you’re the only physician with whom they interact. They come to trust you as you routinely offer customized, high-quality care.

Fewer Mistakes

Having fewer people involved in patients’ health care also results in fewer mistakes made in their treatments. Information isn’t lost or confused as it could when it’s shared between multiple providers, medical personnel, and software programs.

The simple system also means fewer mistakes made in other areas of your practice, such as:

  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Billing and accounting
  • Records and other paperwork
  • Inventory orders
  • Equipment purchases and maintenance

All of these combined lead to an organized, smoothly operating office. When there is order, there is less stress, a more pleasant environment, greater time for and focus on things that matter, lower costs, and increased accuracy. These results not only benefit you, but also your patients. If at any point you realize something isn’t working as it should, you have the power to change it easily and quickly for the better.

Fulfilling Your Purpose

Being in private medicine permits you to fulfill your responsibility to your patients and be an honorable physician. Although there may be some disadvantages to working solo, such as increased duties, the advantages of being a private physician far outweigh them. The improved relationships you have with your patients means better outcomes for them and a more satisfying work experience for you.