Whether your medical practice is new in town or you’re just trying to expand, marketing is an invaluable tool if it is used correctly. There are a myriad of marketing tools available to businesses, but you have to make sure to use strategies appropriate for a medical practice. Consider using different mediums to really promote your practice.


With the booming technology, there are a lot of online options for marketing. All of these different online tools can help you promote your practice in different ways. You can turn to:


  • Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram – Social media is a great place for you to get connected to your current patients. Once you’re connected to your patients, their friends may start to take notice. Keep your posts upbeat and informative without giving away any personal information.
  • A professional website – This is a place patients and prospective patients can go to in order to learn about the services you provide. You want to make sure that this site is easy to use and error-free.
  • A blog – As with social media, this is an excellent way for you to interact with patients more. You can showcase positive statistics about your practice, give helpful wellness tips and promote local events.
  • Reviewing sites – Online reviewing sites are a place where patients are able to give honest feedback about the service they got from you. This can be a harder marketing strategy to manage, but you can use any negative feedback to improve your performance. Once the feedback is mainly positive, you will likely gain interested prospective patients.
  • Patient portals – Younger people want to have easy access to their health information. If you give them that access through portals, it is more likely that they will suggest your practice to their friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can hope to use for your practice.


You should also use community events to promote yourself. You can do this by:

  • Having a booth at health conventions and fairs
  • Making donations to charity organizations
  • Hosting an open house at your clinic

These are simple and inexpensive ways to get word out about your business. Many state and county fairs have expo buildings full of booths. Make your booth more exciting by bringing a mascot or goodies to pass out to kids.

When it comes to donations, consider donating a physical or a consultation that can be given as a prize or auctioned off. Not only does this show that you’re charitable, but it will also bring in some business. Hosting an open house at your clinic is a fun and easy way to meet with potential patients, referring doctors and other colleagues.


Use the written word to promote your business as well as online options. Putting ads in the newspaper or on billboards is another great way to catch the attention of new patients. These options are sometimes more costly but can be worth it. If you want to make your printed marketing stand out, consider these three options alongside your advertisements:

  • Brochures
  • Thank you notes
  • Birthday cards

You can send brochures out to patients as part of a care package, send thank you notes to new patients and the doctors who referred them to you and send out birthday cards to your patients. These printed items show that you care about your patients, which will increase the likelihood that your current patients will refer their friends and family to you.

Get Your Name Out There

Incorporating print, community and online tools in your marketing scheme can help increase the efficiency of your promotion. If you want to start marketing your private medical practice more, you need to make sure to get your name out there. Interact with patients and prospective patients online and in the community. Send out printed ads to draw more business in. These marketing strategies can be used whether you’re just starting out or trying to expand.