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AAPP Denver Summit – The most comprehensive program ever offered for new and established private physicians.

As the AAPP events get larger and larger, the time has come for a change. Until now, we have done our best to design a curriculum that would appeal to everyone – private medical veterans and practices that are just beginning to explore the transition to private medicine.

In Denver, we will break with this format and provide four distinct tracks of content:

1. General session presentations for anyone interested in private medicine. Topics will include:

  • An industry outlook and exploration of the evolving demand and value drivers in private medicine
  • Legislative updates from the AAPP and the founder and lobbyist from Qliance
  • A thoughtful discussion on the ethics of private medicine
  • An exploration of emerging early detection technologies and their role in the delivery of private medical services

2. A track specifically for physicians and their practice managers who are considering the transition to private medicine. Topics will include:

  • A panel discussion featuring established private physicians representing a variety of business models that you should consider
  • An in-depth discussion of how to convert a traditional, insurance-based practice to a concierge practice
  • Legal and regulatory considerations when starting a concierge practice
  • An exploration of the increasingly popular direct care model by the creator of the model -Dr. Garrison Bliss, Founder of Qliance
  • How to research your existing patient base to forecast your conversion rate and determine the feasibility of your conversion

3. A track for practice managers. Topics will include:

  • Developing and maintaining a current patient agreement and other legal considerations in private medicine
  • Practice management bootcamp for private physician practices
  • Delivering a remarkable patient experience
  • Private medical billing and coding – an in-depth discussion with Q&A

4. A track designed BY the seasoned veterans of private medicine FOR the seasoned veterans of private medicine. This track will be hosted to facilitate dialogue. Participants will be assigned seats at round tables based on their business models and stage of growth. Presentations will be concise and intended to stimulate discussion. Topics will include:

  • Optimizing practice culture and operations
  • How and when to expand the business team to grow the practice
  • What every private physician should know about the evolving world of coding and compliance
  • Adding a physician to your team: legal, cultural, compensation, and other considerations
  • Profitable ancillary services to consider adding to your practice
  • How to find and capitalize on media coverage – with a follow-up workshop on message development with a public relations professional who specializes in health care PR

If you have an interest in Track 4 for established private physicians, please contact us after you register so that we can collect information on your practice to assist us in planning seating.

1:1 Consultations – compliments of the AAPP

  • The AAPP has arranged opportunities for meeting attendees to have private consultations with several key industry advisors. Attendees can schedule 30 minute meetings with:
  • Attorney, and private medical specialist, Jim Eischen
  • World-reknown medical space designer, Jain Malkin
  • Maria Shinn-Bouck – national authority on billing, coding, and compliance for private physicians
  • SBA lenders from Live Oak Bank that specialize in financing private medical practices

These meetings are scheduled in advance, and space is limited. If you are interested in a private consultation with any of these industry experts, please notify us after you register, and we will book your consultation for you.

As always, the Denver Summit will be information-packed and rich with networking opportunities. We look forward to seeing you there!